Animal Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment of horses

In any animal (including humans) the body’s ability to function effectively and efficiently is determined by its structure. If joints are restricted, or muscles unbalanced, not only will that area under-perform, but other areas will be made to compensate, causing pain away from the original injury. To avoid discomfort, the body may resist movements in a certain direction or unusual behaviour patterns may arise as a result of pain. An osteopath is trained to interpret the wide range of diagnostic clues in the search for the underlying cause of a problem.

What animals do we treat?

Pretty much any animals, really. Claire's recent patients have included alpacas, horses, buffalo, geese, dogs, pigs, more sheep, cats, squirrels, rabbits, iguanas...the list goes on. So far, however, one animal has eluded her. The giraffe. So if you happen to have a pet giraffe, or know of someone who does, please let Claire know!

Osteopathic treatment of horsesPredictably, horses make up a large proportion of our clientele, and Claire travels to horseyards throughout the area on a regular basis.

Osteopathic treatment can deal with a host of problems without recourse to drugs.

If you would like more information on how osteopathy can help your animal, please click here to contact Claire Short at The Ashgrove Clinic, or call 01933 469043.

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